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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

How do I delete old relationships in DFM?


Hi there,

I have a few datasets with old relationships in them, they look just like the ones that are active in there, but the lag time is not the same, and they are not updated when the SnapManager triggers a backup (oh, they are SnapManager datasets)

The DFM version is 5.1

If I do a manual "Protect Now" it updates all 5 relationships...

When I edit the dataset, and look at the primary volumes, they only show 3 volumes...

And 3 destinations...

So clearly something is wrong here...  dataset shows 5 relationships, but only 3 are defined...

Here are some extracts from the cmd...

The dataset...

C:\Documents and Settings\adminogr>dfpm dataset list -l 1460

Id         Name                                                    Dataset Id Dataset Name         Type       Export Name

---------- ------------------------------------------------------- ---------- -------------------- ---------- ----------------------------------------

      2132 filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO                                     1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 volume     filer-dk1:/vol/ERP01_SNAPINFO

      2130 filer-dk1:/ERP01_LOGS                                         1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 volume     filer-dk1:/vol/ERP01_LOGS

      2128 filer-dk1:/ERP01_Database                                     1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 volume     filer-dk1:/vol/ERP01_Database

      2138 filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt                                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 qtree

      2134 filer-dk1:/ERP01_Database/qt                                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 qtree

      2135 filer-dk1:/ERP01_LOGS/qt                                      1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 qtree

      2140 filer-dk1:/ERP01_LOGS/qt/Disk                                 1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 lun_path   viaRPC.iqn.1991-05.com.microsoft:erp-dkaar01.matrix.local

      2141 filer-dk1:/ERP01_Database/qt/Disk                             1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 lun_path   viaRPC.iqn.1991-05.com.microsoft:erp-dkaar01.matrix.local

      2147 filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt/Disk                             1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 lun_path   viaRPC.iqn.1991-05.com.microsoft:erp-dkaar01.matrix.local

     10725 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO                                 1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 volume

     10517 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_LOGS                                     1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 volume

     10489 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_Database                                 1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 volume

     10735 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt                              1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 qtree

     10531 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_LOGS/qt                                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 qtree

     10503 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_Database/qt                              1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 qtree

     10504 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_Database/qt/Disk                         1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 lun_path

     10532 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_LOGS/qt/Disk                             1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 lun_path

     10736 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt/Disk                         1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 lun_path

and the relations...

C:\Documents and Settings\adminogr>dfpm relationship list | findstr ERP

           3338 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_LOGS/qt                 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_LOGS/qt             No

           3339 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_Database/qt             filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_Database/qt         No

          10467 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt             filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt         No

          10505 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_Database/qt             filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_Database/qt         No

          10533 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_LOGS/qt                 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_LOGS/qt             No

I suspect the two first relations "3338" and "3339" but I'm not sure

There are also a few orphans which is visible with the dfpm relationship list -ax...  (sorry about the formatting)

C:\Documents and Settings\adminogr>dfpm relationship list -ax | findstr ERP

           1469 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk2:/ERP01_LOGS/qt                 filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup/qt Yes                  No       No     N


           1474 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk2:/ERP01_Database/qt             filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_1/qt Yes                  No       No


           1476 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk2:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt             filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_2/qt Yes                  No       No


           2158 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt             filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_2/qt_00 Yes                  No       No


           2160 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_Database/qt             filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_1/qt_00 Yes                  No       No


           2162 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_LOGS/qt                 filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_3/qt Yes                  No       No


           2177 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_Database/qt             filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_4/qt Yes                  No       No


           2179 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt             filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_5/qt Yes                  No       No


           2181 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_LOGS/qt                 filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_6/qt Yes                  No       No


           2916 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_LOGS/qt                 filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_7/qt Yes                  No       No


           2918 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_Database/qt             filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_8/qt Yes                  No       No


           2920 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt             filer-dk10:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_9/qt Yes                  No       No


           2928 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_LOGS/qt                 filer-dk11:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup/qt Yes                  No       No     N


           2933 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_Database/qt             filer-dk11:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_1/qt Yes                  No       No


           2935 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt             filer-dk11:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_2/qt Yes                  No       No


           2944 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_SystemDB/-              filer-dk11:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_3/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01_filer-dk1

_ERP01_SystemDB Yes                  No       No     No

           2946 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_SystemDB/qt             filer-dk11:/SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP_DKAAR01_backup_3/qt Yes                  No       No


           3338 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_LOGS/qt                 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_LOGS/qt             No                   No       No     No

           3339 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_Database/qt             filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_Database/qt         No                   No       No     No

           3340 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt             filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO-2013-03-19 15:34:27.000-1/qt Yes                  N

o       No     No

          10344 volume_snapmirror          1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO-2013-03-19 15:34:27.000-1 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO_src_37268  Yes     dfmserver    No

     No     No

          10467 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt             filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt         No                   Yes      No     No

          10472 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt             filer-dk11:/sv_filerxdk1_ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt Yes                  No       No     No

          10485 snapvault                     0                      filer-dk1:/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt             filer-dk11:/sv_filerxdk1_ERP01_SNAPINFO_1/qt Yes                  No       No     No

          10492 volume_snapmirror          1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_Database_src_36746  filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_Database            Yes     dfmserver    No       No     No

          10505 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_Database/qt             filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_Database/qt         No                   No       No     No

          10520 volume_snapmirror          1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_LOGS_src_36771      filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_LOGS                Yes     dfmserver    No       No     No

          10533 snapvault                  1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk1:/ERP01_LOGS/qt                 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_LOGS/qt             No                   No       No     No

          10728 volume_snapmirror          1460 SnapMgr_SQLServer_ERP-DKAAR01 filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO_src_37268  filer-dk11:/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO            Yes     dfmserver    No       No     No

From this you can see that I did some migration of volumes from one aggr to another to spread the load on the aggrs...  so there are some orphan snapmirror relationships... apparently nothing is ever deleted from DFM

I can asure you that both the volumes and snapmirror relations are gone.

ok, now on to the filer to have a look...  this is the destination..  only shows 3 relationships...

filer-dk11> snapvault status

Snapvault is ON.

Source                                                    Destination                                                                          State          Lag        Status

filer-dk1.dk.fkil.net:/vol/ERP01_Database/qt              filer-dk11:/vol/sv_ERP01_Database/qt                                                 Snapvaulted    00:37:12   Idle

filer-dk1.dk.fkil.net:/vol/ERP01_LOGS/qt                  filer-dk11:/vol/sv_ERP01_LOGS/qt                                                     Snapvaulted    00:37:12   Idle

filer-dk1.dk.fkil.net:/vol/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt              filer-dk11:/vol/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt                                                 Snapvaulted    00:37:01   Idle

And on the source we also see only 3 relationships...

filer-dk1> snapvault status

Snapvault primary is ON.

Source                                        Destination                                                      State          Lag        Status

filer-dk1:/vol/ERP01_Database/qt              filer-dk11:/vol/sv_ERP01_Database/qt                             Source         00:38:55   Idle

filer-dk1:/vol/ERP01_LOGS/qt                  filer-dk11:/vol/sv_ERP01_LOGS/qt                                 Source         00:38:55   Idle

filer-dk1:/vol/ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt              filer-dk11:/vol/sv_ERP01_SNAPINFO/qt                             Source         00:38:44   Idle

OK I have cut the other snapvault relations away as they are not relevant, but rest assured that there are only these in relation to the dataset..

Now I would very much like a description on how to remove the right relationship from my dataset, firstly how to findout which ones is the "faulty" ones, and how I can remove them from the dataset...

I have tried to fiddle arround with the dfpm dataset remove...  which didn't bring much luck...

C:\Documents and Settings\adminogr>dfpm dataset remove 1460 3339

Error: There is no volume, qtree, directory, host, aggregate or virtualization object named '3339'.

Also the relinquish returns an error:

C:\Documents and Settings\adminogr>dfpm dataset relinquish 3338

Error: Could not find volume or qtree '3338'. Reason: There is no host, aggregate, volume, qtree, resource group, or dataset named 3338.

Hopefully somone has the magic command to fix this mess ? 🙂




This can be sorted out but I recommend that you open a support case to work through it.

Some of the items to discuss/confirm under the support case:

1) Was the Secondary Space Migration Wizard used to migrate the volumes or were primary volumes migrated?

2) Assuming that the old aggregates/volumes for the migrated relationships were destroyed then purging the aggregate or volume from the UM database will remove them from any dataset they are a member of.  Prior to any purging work it is necessary to confirm that a valid UM db backup exists .

3) Another concern that comes in with application datasets for Snapmanager integration is that the Snapmanager product needs to be aware of the relationships so that it can continue to update them during backup jobs. It sounds like it might still be operating correctly here, but I recommend that the Snapmanager configuration wizard (assuming SMSQL based on the names) be run through to update the configuration if it needs it. If no changes are needed, then continue through and finish it.


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