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How do I list resource pools in WFA flow?



I'm new to WFA and working on my first flow.  This flow is simply to provision a single volume/qtree combo as the NFS share.

Of course, as part of this flow I need a finder that will determine the aggregate in which to place the volume.  I'm using the latest version of WFA and I've got 2 OnCommand servers as data sources.  Therefore, I'd like to be able to present the user a drop down list of resource pools that he could choose from.  This in turn could then lead to the most appropriate aggregate.

I'm at the point in the WorkFlow Preferences where I'm defining the User Input and I believe this will require a Query (instead of a String or Enum list of values) but I have no idea what query to use.

I think I need something like this:





I believe that resource_pool is the correct field but I don't have any idea what the correct table is that would reference the OnCommand data sources (I know it's not data.sources as that fails).  I'm not a DBA at all so am I on the right track here and if so, can someone let me know what the right query is?  Thanks, and love the tool!



Re: How do I list resource pools in WFA flow?


Hi Dave,

Yes, you are definitely on the right track.  I have a query I use to do this very thing, only I also have it look for resource pools that contain a certain string value.  In this way I search for all "pri" (primary) or "sec" (secondary) resource pools. 

Here's the query I use:

     select DISTINCT(aggregate.resource_pool) as resource_pool from storage.aggregate

     where aggregate.resource_pool <> ' '

         and aggregate.resource_pool like '%pri%'

     order by resource_pool asc

For a general list you can remove the third line (  and aggregate.resource_pool like '%pri%'  )

Hope this helps,


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Re: How do I list resource pools in WFA flow?


A follow-up


How do I put this select statement into my Workflow? to call this SQL in my Workflow then aggregates can be listed in push down menu?

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