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How to Integrate Workflow Automation and HP Operations Orchestration

NetApp Alumni

Greetings -

There is a new Techincal Report (TR): IT as a Service Storage Provisioning Using NetApp Workflow Automation and HP Operations Orchestration.  This TR was a great team effort as you can tell by all the authors.

WFA 1.1.1 and HPOO 9.05 were used.  HPOO used WFA's WSDL to invoke workflows. Hopefully you will find the TR detailed enough to create your own integrations WFA/HPOO workflow integrations.

   - Rick -

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Hi All,

The link in this posting is no longer valid.  The site was replaced with a new system, but the old site has not yet been retired.  If you are looking for TR4103 or the OO toolkit for WFA, please go to




This is awesome!

Note that WFA 2.0 added a new REST API which I believe will further simplify the integration with orchestration tools.


Hi,  We looked that the REST API and it has some interesting functionality.  Our challenge is that HP OO already has a wizard that will import the SOAP interface and generate operations that can be used for higher level flows.  The REST API will require 'real' development on our part to provide these operations.  We are looking at how much work it will take as we are deciding what to do for a full toolkit around integrating the two products.



hi Dan,

We are trying to integrate OO with WFA using the TR mentioned.

We are using different version of OO - currently running 9.0.7 and found that the wizard looks different than what described, and lacking the Authentication settings, thus cannot complete the getAllWorkflows and recognize our WFA flows.

Is there someone we can contact / approach to help us resolve this?

I see many people were involved preparing this TR, is there someone from HP OO Team we can ask?




Hi Igal,

I think you are using an older version of the TR.  We now have a toolkit that doesn't require the use of the wswizard.  You can find it at:


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