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How to access system manager on web browser(ex. chrom) in DOT 8.2



First of all, I would like to say sorry for my English .


I have been wondering about System manager.

I already know system manager tool but whay i said is how to access  to system manager by using web browser ex) Chrom.


DOT 7.3.x and 8.0.x  can access to Filer view but DOT 8.1 and later have not supported to Filer view , is it right ?

For example,

case 1) if I have a storage with DOT 8.0.4 , I could access Filer view by using Chrom browser . right ?

case 2) There is a storage with DOT 8.1.4 (7mode). Do I have to only use system manager tool ?

case 3) A storage with DOT 8.2.4 (7mode), I wnated to access system manager by using Chrom, so I tried to enter IP address in my web browser ex) and then entered user name and passward.

but I got  a message: Error 500: Servlets not enabled.

I have already checked httpd.enable / httpd.admin.enable / httpd.admin.ssl.enable / tls.enable / resetup ssl

but still I can not access system manager in browser . so I don't konw what problems are.


I have also saw this link


but in case 3, I thought I could access to system manager using Chrom in DOT 8.2.4 (7mode)


So, What can I do ?


Re: How to access system manager on web browser(ex. chrom) in DOT 8.2


OnCommand System Manager only started being bundled with ONTAP 8.3 and later.


For ONTAP 8.1 and 8.2, you would use the host-installed version (Linux or Windows). You can download the latest version (3.1.3) here:


To test HTTP/web connectivity with 8.1/8.2, you can access the SPI interface, at least. This gives you access to /etc/log and /etc/crash directories on the root volume.



The SPI interface is mentioned in this "how to manually upload AutoSupport messages" KB article:



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Re: How to access system manager on web browser(ex. chrom) in DOT 8.2


Thank you for answer !

I treid to access to SPI interface as you told me, but it didn't .

I have found some information in admin manual(DOT 8.1 7-mode) that said how to access to logs in web is to type http(s)://<ip-address>/na_admin/logs/.

That worked out.


When I tried to access spi interface (http://ip-address/spi/), I got a messages : error 404 : File or directoy not found .

so if you tell me what to do, I really appriciate.  

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