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How to avoid new volume creation when provisioning qtree ?



I found lots of interesting information in this forum. I sincerely thank all participants for their assistance to the community.

We have a problem for which I did not find all the necessary information.

We need to integrate an existing volume in a dataset.
The volume has been created manually before storage system integration in OCUM.
This volume contains about 180 qtrees with quota.

We created a dataset with adequate provisioning policy.
We added the volume to the dataset.

We increased the number of qtree volume in general options "dfm options set maxQtreesPerVolume = 200" and in options of the dataset "dfpm dataset set <dataset> maxQtreesPerVolume = 300".

Despite these options, OCUM creates a new volume when we ask for provisioning a new space.

We want to continue to create new spaces (qtrees) in the existing volume.

How is it possible to force OCUM to use the existing volume instead of creating a new one ?

Many thanks for your help.



Hi Alain,

            You cannot provision a new qtree in a volume that was imported into a dataset but not provisioned by Provisioning Manager.

There is a request for enhancement on this, but not been addressed for the time I know of.



Message was edited by: Adaikkappan Arumugam


Hi Adai,

Many thanks for your reply.

I suppose that you mean "You cannot provision a new qtree in a volume that was imported into a dataset and not provisioned by Provisioning Manager."

Right ?

Do you have any information about next version of UM for DOT 7-mode ?

I understood that UM 6 does not support 7-mode; therefore this lets suppose that there will be no more enhancement on UM for 7-mode….

I hope that I misunderstood ! ! !

Best Regards


Hi Alain,

      Sorry for the confusion. Yes you are right. I meant Cannot and not can. The next version, OCUM 5.2.1 is under development.



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