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How to check StorageGRID Platfom Module?



If I have to connect to a new StorageGRID cluster that I'm not familiar with, and assuming it could be a mix of hardware appliances and virtual nodes, is there a way from the Grid interface to figure out what type of model is for each node?



Re: How to check StorageGRID Platfom Module?


Hello SuperTeam,


I am not sure what version of StorageGRID you are running, but in a StorageGRID 11.3 setup, the node hardware information is located by doing the following:


1. In the StorageGRID NMS/GUI, navigate to Support > Grid Topology.

2. Expand the tree on the left to navigate to [Grid Name] > [Site Name] > [Node Name] > SSM > Resources.

3. If you are running the Storage Node on an appliance, you will see a section for "Storage Hardware" where it will display the Appliance Model.


If your GUI doesn't match those steps, provide your StorageGRID version which can be found under Help > About.

Team NetApp
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