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How to obtain WAFL_Ex (Kahu) at netapp harvest




I have FAS8040 cDOT 8.3P1.


Performance problem with using VDI occurred and inquired netapp support.

netapp support answer was kahuna + WAFL_Ex (Kahu) = 100%.


I using netapp harvest 1.2.2.

I have acquired kahuna and wafl_expmt, but how do I get the value of (kahu)?


I want to graph the (kahu) of the result of sysstat -M.

Is this CPU queuing occurring?


Kahuna WAFL_Ex(Kahu)
   48%    129%( 51%)
   55%    102%( 45%)
   58%     98%( 42%)
   55%    107%( 45%)
   58%     96%( 42%)
   55%    115%( 45%)
   57%    103%( 42%)
   53%    123%( 47%)
   47%    137%( 53%)
   38%    193%( 61%)
   50%    141%( 50%)
   47%    146%( 52%)
   53%    126%( 46%)
   53%    123%( 46%)


It would be awesome if you could teach.





Hi @hashiya1112



I don't think wafl_ex () is very useful anymore.  Check this post for more info!


Chris Madden

Solution Architect - 3rd Platform - Systems Engineering NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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Hi chris


I will check it.



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