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How to stop Snapvault nd snapmirror Events in DFM



Currently we are segregating the SnapVault & Snapmirror alerts to

separate team which will take care of these alerts.Am looking ahead as

how should I stop the snapvault and snapmirror alerts/events in

operations manager. I tried to set the all the SV and SM events as

Information and OFF the polling for both. So as to ensure no ticket is

generated for the event in our ticketing tool. But still I see tickets.

Need workaround in order to resolve the same.

Appreciate you inputs





Hi rishikesh,

Event types are predetermined. You can manage event notification, but you cannot add or delete

event types. However, you can modify the event severity by using the command-line interface.

To manage events, refer this document



Hi hari,

Thanks for your reply. yes with this document i made all the evnts related to SM and SV as Information. but what i see is still my ticket tool generates ticket for these events. am not sure as why this happening. we used to get RPM unavilable tickets also and i did approach the same thing and made it to information. now rpm tickets stopped coming.

but sv and sm still seems to come. is there any other options i have to look around.

currently i disabled the polling and made all the respective events to information but still no luck.

snapmirrorMonInterval                 Off

snapvaultMonInterval                 Off



Hi hari,

one more update from the documenti found this ...


Prerequisites for monitoring vFiler units (7-Mode environments only)


Before you enable monitoring of vFiler units, you must ensure that the hosting storage system is

running a supported Data ONTAP release and it is part of the same routable network as the

DataFabric Manager server. NDMP discovery must also be enabled

NDMP discovery

The DataFabric Manager server uses NDMP as the discovery method to manage SnapVault and

SnapMirror relationships between vFiler units. To use NDMP discovery, you must first enable

SNMP and HTTPS discovery.

what does this mean , do i disable the ndmp host discovery option in the operations manager. so as to stop monitoring and receiving alerts. let me know your thoughts on this.