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How to upgrade or modify the DataONTAP Powershell Toolkit(PSTK) in WFA.


Why to upgrade or modify DataONTAP PSTK module in WFA?


WFA bundles the latest version of the available DataONTAP Powershell Toolkit(PSTK) with the WFA installer package. However WFA users may require to use a different version of PSTK following reasons.


  1. A new version of PSTK is available and the user may want to try that out. WFA and DataONTAP PSTK being separate products, their releases are not always aligned. So its always possible that new version of ONTAP PSTK are released. Users may want to use the new featuresor and fixes the new PSTK provides without having to wait for the new WFA to have it bundled. So the way is to upgrade your WFA's DataONTAP PSTK
  2. There might also be a reason to move to an older PSTK version that from what WFA has bundled along. Or perhaps stay with the existing DataONTAP PSTK but upgrade your WFA to a new version. The new PSTK has some bugs and its breaking my existing contents. I rather stay with the old one till NetApp fixes the PSTK bugs. This should not stop me from using the new WFA features. You Move to new WFA, but use the old DataONTAP PSTK.


How to check the current version of DataONTAP PSTK in WFA?


  1. Login to your WFA windows machine and to to WFA/bin folder
  2. Double-click to launch ps.cmd file . It will launch a powershell session with the all the WFA modules loaded.
  3. Run the below cmdlets. You should get the output as given below in green. 

PS C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\bin> Get-natoolkitversion
Major Minor Build Revision
----- ----- ----- --------
3 3 0 62


Where is the DataONTAP PSTK located within WFA?


<WFA Installation directory>\WFA\POSH\Module you'll see a folder names DataONTAP. This is the ONTAP PSTK module. So all you need is to replace this folder( and its contents) with the new one.


The WFA Powershell Profile

A powershell profile provides way for customization on what all all modules to be loaded when the powershell session starts. The WFA powershell profile is the file


<WFA Installation directory>\WFA\POSH\profile.ps1


If you open it for editing you'll see all the modules that its importing. DataONTAP PSTK is one of them.


How to Upgrdae the Data Ontap PSTK version using the MSI installer?


ONTAP powershell Tool kit these days is only available as .msi installers. So if you want to upgrde the DataONTAP PSTK of your WFA server, do the following steps.


  1. On your WFA server, download the lastest PSTK version from Its an MSI file.
  2. Install the .MSI leaving all defaults
  3. Go to location C:\Program Files (x86)\NetApp\NetApp PowerShell Toolkit\Modules\ and copy the folder DataONTAP 
  4. Go to location: <WFA_install_location\NetApp\NetApp PowerShell Toolkit\Modules\ and replace existing the DataONTAP folder with the copied one.

You are done.


Alternately and if you don't want to copy the folder, you can modify the WFA powershell profile i.e. profile.ps1 to start pointing to the new DataONTAP module location
1. Open \WFA\POSH\profile.ps1 using some editor
2. Comment the line

   Import-Module $ModulesDir\Modules\DataONTAP


  Add the below line

Import-Module "C:\Program Files (x86)\NetApp\NetApp PowerShell Toolkit\Modules\DataONTAP"

4. Save it.




No need to retart WFA services etc with either ways.


How to upgrade WFA but stay with the older version on DataONTAP PSTK or have an older version of Data ONTAP PSTK?


As explained above the folder DataONTAP is the concerned module. To retain your existing PSTK:


  1. Copy and keep the folder DataONTAP and its contents.
  2. Install/Upgrade the new WFA version
  3. Replace the DataONTAP folder with our older one.


You are done. 


Have fun.



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