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How to use WFA to set annotations in OC Insight (Insight Connect API) via WSDL?



For my customer we want to use WFA to do the following:

- provisioning a new workflow with WFA may include setting OC Unified Manager (protection manager) attributes like resource pool, dataset, storage service numbe, ARS code ... These are used for chargeback lateron

We want to replace DFM/OCUM chargeback with OC Insight (aka SANscreen)

Within the workflow WFA should also set OCI attributes (Business Entities=resource pool, application=dataset, service level= storage service number)

OCI provides the insight Connect API with WSDL capabilities.

WFA AFAIK can use WSDL too.

Can you provide some guidance to to manage OCI annotations within WFA please?

Appreciate your feedback!

Best regards




Currently WFA commands supports only Perl and Power Shell scripts. So customer need to write custom commands using Perl or  Power Shell scripts to use OC Insight (Insight Connect API) via WSDL.

Then these command can be used in custom workflows to set the annotations in OCI.


I saw many APIs can be used

Do you have an exemple how to use it, because it seem's do not working in the same way than WSDL for WFA.

Thanks in advance


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