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Hung SSH Sessions - Cannot RSHKill


Hello - Hoping someone can help.  We were issuing commands via a SSH session and the commands will not complete.  This has hung our SSH capabilities. 

I have attempted to RSH into the filer and issue RSHKill commands.  However, it seems the original commands in the SSH sessions are still executing (hours later). 

C:\WINDOWS>rsh filer8 -l username rshstat -t

Session Invocations:       264

Current Active Sessions:     2

Active High Sessions:        2

Maximum Available Sessions:     24

0: snapmirror [from] (RSH INPUT COMMAND is priv set -q admin ; snapmirror off)

        Command Time: 48465631ms

        Connection Time: 100ms

        Gethost Time: 5ms


1: rshstat [from] (----------------------------------------)

        Command Time: 105ms

        Connection Time: 105ms

        Gethost Time: 4ms

I attempt to kill the SSH session using RSHKill and it will not kill it.

C:\WINDOWS>rsh urna-filer8 -l username priv set advanced; rshkill 0 -f; priv set

Warning: These advanced commands are potentially dangerous; use

         them only when directed to do so by IBM


rshkill: Unable to close rsh session 0.  The rsh session is still running.

Any suggestions on how to kill these long running SSH commands and/or sessions?

Thank you,




Does the system have a RLM/BMC/SP installed?

If so you can SSH to this "second" management interface and then jump onto the system console. From here you can kill the SSH process and free it up for use again.

You might also want to configure the SSH timeout option.