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Identifying the cause of volume growth


Hi all,


Is there a tool within Netapp onTap 8.x or 3rd party that can identify the cause (folder location/s) of abnormal volume growth ?


Many thanks.



Hi John,


There are a number of third party applications that will help to achieve. These work by scanning the file system and allowing you to report on capacity, growth, file types etc. EG


However if you are using qtree's within your FlexVols and are applying fixed or tracking quotas to them then this will help you narrow down where the increase in capacity growth is occurring within the file system without requiring a third party application. If you want information about the file types and sizes of each directory within a flexvol or qtree then you'll require a third party application for this.



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Hi Matt, we currently use treesize pro, however I was hoping there was a netapp integration tool I could install to drill further into the data.

I'll check out the other option.

Thanks for your suggestion !