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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

Installation OnCommand Unfied Manager fails with failed to find file rp.cert.jks


I'm trying to install OCUM 6.4RC1 and it fails with this error message. I have attached the error as screenshot as well. Can anybody help me out with it?





Anyone have this resolved? This is a clean install of English 2012 R2. The computername doesn't have any special characters in it. 




I trying to install OCUM 7.1P1 for windows on fresh install Windows 2012 R2 US, on a VM to validate a POC for customer.


Always the installation failed with this message:

"Failed to find file  rp.cert.jks under ......"


Anybody have workaround ?


 OCUM install Failed 2017-04-29_154937.jpg






After a lot of fresh install Win2012 and Win2016. I solved my issue.


I renamed my comptuter without underscore "_".


its all




Use the vSphere appliance if you can, colleagues report no issues and I couldn't get to the bottom of the Windows installable language issues. I wouldn't bother with the language workaround method mentioned, it didn't work for me I'd already copied all settings with Netapp support.


I am getting this error on a clean install of Server 2012 English version. I am trying to install OCUM 7.1.


We do have HBSS running on the system though. I am trying now to get that removed but wanted to see if there is another solution. 


Cmon Netapp when is this going to be fixed? It's still present in 7.0RC1 from 6.4 when I last tried and raised a technical case which got nowhere.. this is stupid the bug has existed in some form since DFM days from Googling it how long does it take? Does anybody have a workaround at least? I have tried changing language and system location etc to US but still getting the issue. My installation was already English/UK based OS.


Problem occurs on a german windows 2012 installation - solved with a fresh english installation of windows 2012.


Yes, that's right. However, there's something to pay attention. If you only install and change the display language to en-us it doesn't work either. You have to copy the language settings to other users and the welcome screen.


My customer is not able to install an english version of W2K12R2. Just installing a language pack doesn't prevent the issue. So we can't accept it as a solution.


At present, OCUM is never qualified with non-english OS.


I'll check with PM, and lets see if this can be brought into priority.




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