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Is it possible to report on vFiler uptime/availability ?


We have On Command Operations Manager 5.0.2 in place. I have OnCommand report installed but not really configured yet. I am wondering if I can get this type of information from ops Manager or via Unified Manager. If not, does OnCommand report provide this information?


Re: Is it possible to report on vFiler uptime/availability ?


Great question... you can uptime vfiler0, but not in a vfiler itself.  You can infer from the vfiler0 uptime, however that won't account for a vfiler that was stopped for shorter uptime than vFiler0 or conversely a vFiler that continued to run after a takeover/giveback cluster event for a longer uptime than vFiler0.

If anyone knows for OnCommand it will be Adai, but will see if I can find anything (he'll know off the top of his head I am sure though).

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