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Is ther any way to install system manager with Java 8u66


Hi All

Java 8u66 had just updated, when I upgrade to the latest verion. I can't start a new install for system manager

It show the following information


"OnCommand System Manager requires you to install a 64-bit Java 8 or 64-bit Java 7 software"


I've tried to install under Java8u45, and it's install and work find.


Because I can't downgrade my Java version for some reasome.


Is ther any way to install System Manager with Java 8u66?


Thank a lot!


But the problem here is, installation of system manager cannot even be started. It is far from connecting to storage. How key length on storage can affect *installation* on host?


@aborzenkov  - I was replying to BLAINE's comment on getting 500 errors. 


@KH - I upgraded Java from Java 8u45 to Java 8u66 on a windows machine and was able to install SM 3.1.2. I would suggest you run java -version from command line ( assuming windows) to check if the correct java version is running on your machine.

java version.jpg


If the right java version is not displayed or if you encounter an error. Go to Control panel - programs - check if multiple java programs ( java 7 and 8 ) are running on your machine. If so, uninstall all java programs and install Java 8u66, then check for java - version followed by installing System Manager.


If none of these are viable options, raise a support case.



I had 3.1.2 installed already (with Java 7) and it was working fine after enabling TLS on the filer heads.


I then upgraded Java to 8u66 and immediately started getting the 500 errors again and had to remove Java 8 and downgrade back to java 7 to get it working again.


NetApp ... why oh why do you build this tool on Java?    Java is the most useless P.O.S. and every single application I run requires a different version of Java --- Java is an unsupportable platform and you need to give us a tool that will work without a dependency on a specific Java version.


Maybe NetApp think you are right 🙂 . in 8.3+ they using HTML5 and not Java anymore.....

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


I am copying the response from another similar thread


Please refer to KB 2025623 and public report on BURT 960004



If you are running System Manager and if you upgrade the Java version to JRE 8u65, you might no longer be able to log into the storage system using System Manager. The connection to the storage system is refused because JRE 8u65 version requires a certificate with a key length of at least 1024.


Perform the following steps:

  1. If TLS is not enabled, Run the following command to enable TLS on the storage system: option tls.enable on
  1. Regenerate the SSL certificate on the storage system running the secureadmin setup ssl command and specifying a key length of at least 1024. (Advanced mode)  secureadmin setup -f -q ssl t <country> <state> <locality> <organization> <unit> <fqdn> <email> 1024
  1. After updating the certificates on the storage systems, ensure that there is no java processes related to System Manager running and then relaunch System Manager.



Which version of System manager are running.

I am running system manager 3.1.2. and its working fine for me without issues and the Java the version is 8u66.


You can try reinstalling the JAVA.






NetApp Instructor, IT Learning Solutions
(I appreciate 'kudos' on any helpful posts.)






The version of system manager is 3.1.2.

my problem is start a "new install" under java8u66.


Thanks a lot!



Did you try reinstalling JAVA.






i have tried re-install the java and get the latest version Java8u66


and the problem still not solved

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