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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

Is there a way to disable OnCommand?


Hi Guys,

I have no use for this slow GUI front end to DFM - I also find it very annoying that I have to log into this if I want to view DFM.

Email alerts are now directed straight to OnCommand with limited information and this has stopped us from upgrading from DFM 4.




Reply from case logged with NetApp Support.


Do you want to disable the OnCommand Core? Unfortunately, DFM is part of OnCommand Core, so it is not possible to disable OnCommand.





You can directly navigate to the legacy UI if you wish, but there are particular features and settings that are only accessible in the OnCommand Console UI.

Assuming http access then the direct legacy UI URL would be http://UM5SERVERNAMEORIP:8080/dfm/ .




Hi Kelvin,

One of the keys things I liked with DFM 4, is the ability to click on a link in an email alert that takes me directly to the appropriate DFM screen for the particular volume being reported on.


A Warning event at 07 Jul 16:05 AUS Eastern Standard Time on Volume mw_build_sys on vFiler.win:

The volume is 92.31% full (using 222 GB of 240 GB).

There is 0 bytes of spare disk space available for expanding the volume.

Click below to see the source of this event.


This function was changed with Oncommand, now it redirects you to the alerts page in Oncommand where you find 0 additional information. you then have manually navigate through DFM to find the relevant information.


An Error event at 27 Jun 23:17 AUS Eastern Standard Time on Directory 57351:E:/:

SnapVault Backup: Failed.

A backup of relationship between 57351:E:/ and 1:/s57301 failed. Please refer to job 300086 for more details.

  Click below to see the details of this event.



Which version of UM are you upgrading to?  UM 5.0 would not direct you to the event directly but that was fixed in UM 5.0.1 under bug 537978.



Hi Kevin,

I've installed Oncommand 5-2R1 as a test - latest version.

I'm still getting the same problem - email alerts going to Oncommand Login Page!!!!!

-----Original Message-----
From: opsmgr@ edu.au [mailto:opsmgr@ edu.au]
Sent: Friday, 11 July 2014 12:46
Subject: dfm: Information event on NAS1:/s103 (Scheduled Snapshots Disabled)

An Information event at 11 Jul 12:43 AUS Eastern Standard Time on Volume s103 on Active/Active Controller NAS1

Scheduled Snapshots Disabled.

Scheduled Snapshots disabled.

Click below to see the details of this event.


Just to clarify the bug fix is for email alerts to by-pass Oncommand and be viewed directly in DFM?

Adai - can you add your 2 cents worth please?


I tested an alarm on 5.0.2P1 and the email link was as follows:


Clicking this link took me to the login page where after logging in I landed on the "Manage Events" page.  This is expected behavior - you must authenticate to be able to manage events..  After logging in and closing the tab, clicking the link again took me directly to the "Manage Events" page bypassing the login screen.

Where are you landing after clicking the link and where are you expecting to land?



Are you desiring to land in the legacy web UI after clicking an event link? 

If so, that is no longer possible in UM 5.x - the OnCommand Console UI was designed to replace the legacy web UI, although that was never fully implemented so both remain each with their own particular functions..




Hi Kevin,

We are using 5.0D2, I didn't know they had fixed this in later releases. Thank you so much for your help.

I'll try the latest release.



Additionally in case you were not aware, DFM 4.x and previous versions are no longer supported so there will not be any future patches or releases of those versions.

EOVS (End of Version Support) policy details:




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