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Issue in deleting snap mirror with NMSDK


As a part of using ZAPI for mirror management, we have hit upon following issues in the ongoing snap mirror testing.


We are able to create flex clone successfully using NMSDK. But while deleting the FlexClone we get following error:


Operation: volume-offline

    out = na_server_invoke(s, "volume-offline",

        "name", volumename,



Operation: volume-destroy

    out = na_server_invoke(s, "volume-destroy",

        "name", volumename,



Error code: 111

Error message: Can't connect to host (err=111)


This is for sure not related to firewall or port issue as it is working for create flex clone. Also, the API is running well on Windows platform and only fails on Linux.


Any inputs on possible cause of this error would help.


Following are the version information:

netapp manageability sdk = 9.3

ONTAP version = 9.3

Platform = Linux x86_64



What is your "s" object? Is it connection to cluster or cluster with tunneling to vserver as well? Ensure you have vserver tunneling setup because destroy only works with vserver context and not with cluster context. "Vol clone create" can with cluster context also. 

You may use 




The error 111 in linux socket library. The description I found on the public forum regarding this error is  

The target address was not listening for connections or refused the connection request.
In this case target machine is ONTAP which is not accepting the connection.


In this case, the first API call na_server_invoke is successful and we are able to create clone. That indicates there are no issues on the filer/target side but the subsequent calls for na_server_invoke like delete clone are failing. 


One point to note is, we are using NMSDK in a shared libarary and OpenSSL version (1.0.2r) is statically linked to it.


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