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Issue with WFA MySQL Database


My team is working on integration between NetApp storage orchestration and VMware's vCloud Suite.  We are having a problem with the database in the WFA 2.2 GA that did not seem to happen in WFA 2.2 RC.  When we are querying the WFA database from an external server (in this case a higher level orchestrator), at some point the database stops responding.  Restarting the database has no effect.  We can gain access to the database (using skip-grant-tables option). After some unknown period of time, it will begin functioning again normally.  For us, this is becoming a major issue. Does anyone have thoughts on a possibly fix for this?



Re: Issue with WFA MySQL Database



     Is it possible to send the query that you are trying to execute. If you don't want to post here, mail it to me at : sinhaa at netapp dot com

Is the issue consistent?


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