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KPI of WFA success rate



I've been given the task of creating a dashboard that includes the success rate of jobs submitted to WFA and a breakout of failures by job type.  It appears there isn't a pre-made command to achieve this and the wfa user doesn't have enough access to the WFA database to pull out this information.

Can I get the root password to the WFA database to pull this out of the right tables?  Or is there another method to get this information?

I saw somebody post that they backed up the database and then restored to a SQL database they had root privileges for, but that doesn't really sound like a repeatable process on a weekly basis.




Re: KPI of WFA success rate


Hi Roger,

            Unfortunately, there isn't a way. This is being worked for an upcoming release. Untill then pls reach out to your account team to get a workaround.

As we may not able to share the root password for the WFA DB, though its unique for each instance of WFA server.



Re: KPI of WFA success rate


Currently there is no REST API which list out all the jobs which can be processed further.

Re: KPI of WFA success rate


Just started with WFA and may be there is more elegant solution.

But my first idea is to insert sucess code of earch run WF to dedicated table in playground DB.

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