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List of workflows in Execution status window stripped?



I use WFA 2.1GA. In the execution status window a list of workflows is shown. But this list only shows 106 workflows. It seems that this list is stripped because I executed far more workflows for a much longer time than shown. The "maximum workflow job executions to keep" configuration item in the "WFA Configuration Advanced Tab" is set to 20.000.

I need to have a history of the executed workflows for the purpose of documentation. Can you tell me the situationes when this list is stripped (e. g. Backup, Restore, Update, Cleaningjobs ...)?

Can you tell me how to configure WFA to keep the workflow exectution status for at least 2 years?

If this is not possible can I extracte this information from logs or the database to store outside of WFA? If yes, how to do?

Best Regards



Re: List of workflows in Execution status window stripped?


Hi Walter,

The reason that you seen only 106 workflow jobs in the "Execution Status" window is due to the "Client Preferences" configuration to display the maximum number of rows for Workflow Execution.

This can be configured from : Administration > Client Preferences > Max number of rows to display > Workflow Execution.

So the workflow execution job list is not actually "stripped", but just "not displayed".

The "maximum workflow job executions to keep" configuration enables you to specify the maximum number of recent workflow execution records to be kept in the database. Workflow execution records beyond this configured number will be purged on a periodic basis.

Currently, WFA can be configured to retain workflow execution history based only on the number of workflow executions using the above configuration parameter (Minimum -200 and Maximum - 500000). there currently is no support for retention by date/period. I will take this as an enhancement request.

Finally, the following link provides multiple approaches to export workflow execution related logs following which relevant information maybe extracted : Export Execution Logs.

Hope this helps,


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