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Listing WFA Executions in Excel


Hi there,


I'm running WFA 4.0.  I was wondering if there is a way to export the list of workflow executions into an Excel spreadsheet or at least list them via command line so I could copy and paste them into Excel?  I need to provide a report to management on how many times WFA has been used in production this year.





Re: Listing WFA Executions in Excel






Last year I had posted an atricle doc to get WFA workflow execution status reports for a certain duration (eg. weekly). This article is here.


This workflow prepares execution status and send them by email. The logic is available to get you the workflow execution data, you can modify it to fit as you need it.


The above code is preparing email body into an HTML file to send via email. Alternately you can write the workflow execution data into CSV files, or EXCEL ( would need some MS EXCEL PS modules to do this ) .


Copy pasting into xl rows is too stone-age. WFA should be able to handle such automation requirements.








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