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MaxDirSize Monitoring Question


Hello all!

Forgive me if this information is posted and I have not found it.

I am looking to setup maxdirsize events for my customer, and am looking to understand at what threshold each of the following events is triggered, and how it can be adjusted.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks all!

maxDirSizeAlert--"A directory has reached it's maxdirsize limit. Either increase the maxdirsize or clean up the directory."

maxDirSizeWarning---"A directory is getting close to it's maxdirsize limit. Either increase the maxdirsize or clean up the directory."



As per KB # 3012170 ontap does not provide a way to send an SNMP trap when a directory fills up so what you can use is 'dfPerCentKBytesCapacity' to be notified when you are about to fill your volume.

here are some blurbs on that



The events I mentioned above are from the list of events in Operations Manager that can be sent from the filers. Volume space monitoring is not what is needed.

There are a few other KB's / discussions on how to implement this.

Which boils down to:

1. The events in Ops man are triggered by SNMP events from the filer

2. Turn on all events and these events will be triggered as part of the global set.

This is a qestion about maxdirsize which is not about directories filling up but rather the directory file itself becoming too large.

From the KB mentioned:

You consider the 'maxDirSizeWarning' and 'maxDirSizeAlert' SNMP traps, but these do not indicate when a directory is full. Instead, these indicate how large the directory file is, as a percentage of the 'maxdirsize' volume option.

The later is what I do want to alarm on.

That said, the link you provided is very helpful, because with that I think I should be able to find the trap itself and simply tune the traps for maxdirsize for the two thresholds I need.

Thanks sir!




Did you configure this?


I'm looking at configuring this but not entirely sure on how to do so, I've had a look through the manual but can't work out what the values should be to get it working?


Did you fix it?


Looking for the same on my Clustered Ontap environment.

Had one customer to run full due to the fact that we migrated from a smaller controller to a bigger.. and the maxdir_size was set according to the older/smaller controller.


Now they wanna monitor it with alerts.. but can´t seem to find where to go