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Migrating Data from OCUM 5.2 to OCUM 6.1



Is there a way to migrate OCUM/DFM 5.2 data to OCUM/DFM 6.1? Since these are both virtual appliances, is this even possible as there is no migration path from OCUM 5.2 to OCUM 6.1.

All help is greatly appreciated.





Came across the following tool that will eventually be posted on the NOW site (internal for now). The following is a brief description of the tool.

There is no upgrade path from OnCommand Unified Manager 5.x to 6.0. Therefore, any critical data monitored in Unified Manager 5.x cannot be migrated to 6.0. The Unified Manager Migration Utility is designed to address this issue. Customers can use the utility to migrate critical data from Unified Manager 5.x to 6.0. Users can only migrate cluster-mode specific data. By using the utility, you can migrate the following:

History data:

  • Volume History [Weekly, Monthly, Yearly]
  • Aggregate History [Weekly, Monthly, Yearly]

Configuration data:

  • Object-level threshold configurations
  • Global-level threshold configurations

The Unified Manager Migration Utility can upgrade from 5.1 and above to 6.0.

Unified Manager 5.x to 6.x Migration Utility


The LDAP settings configured in 5.x will also be migrated.


Pradeep L


Hi All,

Yes we are working on a Migration Tool which would provide the capability to migrate some of the configuration and historical data from UM 5.1 c-mode to UM 6.x, as mentioned above. The tool is currently under development, once the tool is ready it will be posted on the NetApp Toolchest.




Hi Armando,

This is posted on NOW tool-chest. Here is the link -


Oncommand 5.2 is not a vapp.

However you can try to take ndb back of oncommand 5.2,

And try to do a restore on OCUM 6,1.

I m not sure if that is possible. Thought if giving it a try.

However, its a major change in 5.2 and 6.1, so there is a possibility that is not possible. Because there are no groupings, i also didnt find lots of many feature in 6.1 so far like:

- custom reporting

- custom grouping

- backup tab

- network credentials i guess also




Restoring a 5.x db in 6.1 is not possible.


Pradeep L

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