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Monitoring Performance on Netapp - VMware - very slow write and read from Datastore ?


Hi, how can I monitoring performance on Netapp when Vmware hosts read i write to/from datastore over FCP.

Last night all vm write and read very slow to/from datastores.

After a few minutes the situation returned to normal.

This situation appeared again.

Best Regards





There are a few choices here:

Most of the OnCommand software is free now (it replaces Operations manager etc, also free from software downloads).

Performance and Statistics Collector (perfstat) from tool box utilities.

OnCommand system manager shows performance in real time.

SysStat from the filer command line (-f for for FCP specific info)

lun stats  also from the command line (-o with -i or - c)

May be your fabric switches have monitoring options within them (our low end Brocades do)


The broader your monitoring, the better you are able to correlate issues.

In cases like this, you want to collect:

On the NetApp

- IOps per volume, and per aggregate

- latency per volume and per aggregate

- LUN queueing

- CPU, per CPU, FCP stats, etc.

- physical disk utilization

But you also want to get performance information from your fabric switches; from your ESX hosts (datastore latency from the point of view of the ESX host; total IOPs; IOps per virtual machine.)

Then you'll be able to see if:

- there was a latency issue on the datastore volume

- if so, was it due to IO load on that volume, or other volumes on the aggregate. Depending on the workload it could be the NetApp CPU, but that is unusual - much more likely IO's per spindle.

- if it was that datastore volume, was it due to some specific VM doing an unusual workload causing it?

- or possibly some issue in the fiber channel network

We use LogicMonitor to track all this stuff in one place

- there was a latency issue on the datastore volume on the NetApp


Hi Pawel,

Like Nigel said, there are a few ways of getting that information. I would also add the VMware vCenter Operations Manager Management Pack for NetApp Storage.