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Mount NFS volume in RHEL 6.4 permanently



I am trying to mount a volume on a RHEL 6.4 virtual machine permanently.

My fstab entry is as:       /mnt1   nfs   rsize=8192,wsize=8192,intr

And I mounted the volume as: mount       /mnt1

When I run df -h I can see the volume and able to access it properly.

But when I reboot the VM, the mount is gone and not able to access it anymore even though the entry in /etc/fstab is present

I have to manually mount the volume again (mount -a), then only I am able to see my volume in df -h and access it.

Any help is appreciated


Re: Mount NFS volume in RHEL 6.4 permanently


hmm... try adding the "_netdev" option in the fstab entry.

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