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Moving Datasets and Policies from one DFM to another? (5.2)




Is there a way to move Policies and Datasets form one DFM Server to another.

We want to setup our nified Manager 5.2 fresh (the Database is 23GB big and we are facing Issues with Commvault when it uses Datasets)


So we want to bring the Dataset to a new DFm Server but without backup and restore of the whole large old DFM Database?


All hints welcome!





Try exporting the relationship  in a dataset on a  new dfm server . Other than this backup the DB and restore on a new dfm server is the only way.




hi Giridhar,


What exactly do you mena by "exporting to another DFM" - How can this be done?



I mean extporting the relatioships (like snapvault or snampmorror) found on the filers to DFM.

Have tested in my local lab, able to replicate the customer scenario. I successfully exported the relationships which is created from one of the dfm serve to anlther  new dfm server.


Steps as follows


1. Before exporting the relationship to another DFM server, suspend the dataset on older dfm server.

  command to suspend the dataset on the old DFM server console: dfpm dataset suspend <datasetid>


2.  Add the primary filer and secondary filer on the new DFm server from NMC UI.


3 . After adding the filers , create  a dataset from NMC UI.


4. Create primary resosurce-pool and secondary resource-pool. Asscoate these resource pools to dataset one for primary filer and another for secondary filer.


5. On the "Mangae data " dashboard, click Data tab. "External relationships" tab woould be displayed.


6. click "External Relationships" , external relationships found on the filers are displayed.

If the relationships are listed, selecct the relationsip import to the dataset created.


Let me know if the steps are not clear. We can have a webex if needed.






Thanks for the Details!


We will evaluate with the customer if this is doable - there is a huge number of datasets - so we need to find a way to avoid mistakes by scripting or similar....




The more important part IMHO is removing/exporting the relationships from the existing Protection Manager data sets.

Without marking the relationships as "external", the old DFM server might decide to delete the relationships during a conformance run after the volumes have been removed from the data sets as the old DFM server knows nothing about the new one.


The command "dfpm dataset relinquish" is key here.


regards Niels


If the intention here is to reduce the size of the DB, then the action item, is to find the source or cause of it. 

Generally the typical source for DB growth is dataset job progress messages or  Perf Advisor flat files.

If its perf Advisor flat files, then the key is to split the DFM server based on functionality by having two separate instances, 1 for PA and other for Protection Manager.

If the source is dataset job progress messages, then tune the option for status update interval and noofdaytoretain  to a higher and lower value respectively.


Another way is to suspend all dataset, take a backup, delete all unwanted dataset after dfpm dataset relinquish and do a DB unload and reload followed by the restore of the DB.






Thanks a lot for all your hints - will test and see what is suitable in our case





By the way

Is there somewhere a detailed instruction how a functionally distributed deployment like in the picture on Page 23 of the "How to deploy OnCommand Unified manager - Best Practice" can be set up?



e.g. how can I configure one DFM to not do only "Performance Monitoring" but no other monitoring (Events, Capacity)?


Its not a simple task to find out the related options




      Here is one of my post that i did on how to customize an OCUM 5.x server for performance only monitoring.

Also here is a post that I did a long time back on moving datasets/relationship between 2 dfm servers.