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NFS unknow workload


Can anyone point me in the correct direction to identify why more than 50% of my workload on an aggregate volume is marked "? nfs on vm_os...[cant-fil-001]" .  I would like to see the details however there is no "details" link.  How do I get OnCommand Balance to identify what this workload represents? OnCommand Balance  4.1.1R2, DOT 8.1.4P1 7-mode.  This is in the Disk Groups --> aggro --> IO by workload screen. This aggregate has 5 volumes 3 NFS Vmware volumes and 2 iSCSI exchange luns



Aggregate volume is marked with "?" because all servers attached to this volume is not in monitored states. Monitor all servers attached to this volume.


Ok I will work on that, I have severial VM's giving me "server not reachable" when I attempt Monitor.  I only had one hit on this issue in my searching so far.