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NMC supported with Terminal Services and Citrix Presentation Server?



I've a customer who asks if it's supported to install NMC 3.2, 3.3 (and later versions) in Windows 7 x64 and/or Windows 2008 x64 in combination with Terminal Services and Citrix Presentation Server.

Background: Users are not allowed by their IT department to install software locally and Terminal Services are used to provide "off-standard" software to users.

I could not find any hint in our documentation, be it "supported" or "not supported".

regards, Niels



Hi Niels,

i cannot answer directly to your question, but what i can tell you is that we have it running in XenApp 5 and 6.5 without any issues, since 2 years.

If you don´t have the explicit need to have the status "supported", feel free to use it in Citrix.




Hi Neils,

          Pardon my ignorance, I am not very familiar with "Terminal Services and Citrix Presentation Server." Can you help me in understanding the same ?

How is it different from installing NMC in W2K8 and doing a RDC from Windows 7 ?

In our IMT we just mention the Supported OS on which NMC can be installed. I don't think the information you are looking for is available.

Also, you can have multiple version of NMC installed in the same server under different install directory and launch them.




Hi Adai,

unfortunately I'm not a Terminal Servcies expert either and got this question forwarded by another SE.

I will try to get some more input or have the SE reply here directly if your feedback is not enough in this regard.

Thanks and regards, Niels

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