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Nabox latest with latest Harvest and NMSDK 9.6 Can i get the snapmirror status somehow ?


I have only the default dashboards visible, now can i get more info out of it ?



Harvest 1.6 includes an extension for collecting SnapMirror relation counts. But you have to activate it, take a look at the Harvest Extension Manager documentation. Also if you have trouble using the SnapMirrors dashboard, see this message.


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Catching up on release notes,  I think I see what you're after now... I'll be upgrading my instance this week... I'll let you know what I find 🙂

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What are you looking for, specifically?


I've not upgraded my Harvest instaces to the latest verison, so I don't know if there is a new dashboard available, but I don't think the last one had any dashboards for SnapMirror operations / status.  I've used the 'Network Port' and 'Network LIF' to get an idea of what the ICL ports are doing... but that's about it.


I've traditionally used OnCommand (ActiveIQ) Unified manager for my quick view into SnapMirorr operations and status.



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