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NetApp Filer




I wonder our network or netapp filer seems to have very low perfomance.

For some software publisher I was asked if I could try some tar operation to check our system.

However the operation took about 8min while using netapp filer. However when I do same operation on local /tmp the operatien takes 10s.


Number of files in workarea=4000 and size is 390MB,



cd /path/to/workarea cd ..


time tar cf workarea.tar ./<workareadir>

 3.232u 13.710s 7:47.04 3.6%        0+0k 302304+772848io 0pf+0w du -hsc workarea.tar <workareadir>

 379M          workarea.tar mkdir nfs_test


mv workarea.tar nfs_test


time tar xf workarea.tar 

5.611u 64.788s 17:32.43 6.6%      0+0k 772784+302304io 0pf+0w


mkdir -p /tmp/localdisk_test

cd /tmp/localdisk_test


time /bin/cp workarea.tar /tmp/localdisk_test

0.000u 0.427s 0:00.43 97.6%         0+0k 0+772784io 0pf+0w


time tar xf workarea.tar

1.224u 10.427s 0:12.21 95.3%       0+0k 64+302304io 0pf+0w


time tar cf workarea2.tar ./<workareadir>

0.488u 2.238s 0:02.73 99.2%    0+0k 40+1546312io 0pf+0w


I wonder if our filer is set up properly. Maybe do you have an idea if those differences are reasonalbe.

The netapp filer was bought about 3y ago.


Best regards,




Performance troubleshooting is a common query, but it's a multi-step process to triage what is wrong. In short, no, it shouldn't take 8 minutes to copy 390MB to a NetApp filer.


To start with, what version of ONTAP is this filer running, and what model and is it running in Clustered ONTAP, or classic 7-mode ONTAP?


What disk configuration is present? What size, how many and what are the aggregate layouts?


From this information we can give some pointers on options.