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NetApp Harvest 1.4.2 & prospects for next major release


Hi Community,


NetApp Harvest 1.4.2 is now available for download on Toolchest. This minor release adds a few small fixes in Harvest:


  • As announced earlier, we noticed some inconsistent values for avg_latency and total_ops received from 9.4 ONTAP systems, there is now a workaround for that,
  • We fixed the two bugs that messed with the wafl_block and link_speed counters.


I also want to give you some prospects of our next major release, Harvest 1.5, which will be available in April-May this year. We will have a few additions, such as counters/dashboards for NFC connections and SnapMirror relations.


Harvest 1.5 will also have an extension module that will make it easier for you to collect/process additional counters. You'll be able to add your own custom script (in your own prefferred language) and Harvest will execute them during each polling session.


If you have other ideas for the future development of Harvest, please feel free to share with us. We're always happy to know what your needs are and what features are most demanded in the community.


Kind regards,




What method is harvest currently using to pull data?


 Will NetApp Harvest 1.4.2  Supports 9.5 P2 ? , Or Do we need any Modifications required to support 9.5 P2 


Also curious about 1.5 target dates... Looking at rolling out a ONTAP 9.5 Cluster that'll heavily leverage FlexGroups.





Do we have any dates for Harvest 1.5 Release. We are planning to go on to 9.5 P2 , so curious to plan the schedule

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