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NetApp Harvest 2.0 - now open source


Dear all,


I am very happy to share some good news with you.


But first, my deepest apologies for the long silence and no responses from my side to your messages. In the past couple of months Harvest 2.0 was growing rapidly and at some point it was beyond the power of one person to develop it.


Fortunately, the Engineering team of NetApp joined forces to make this project succeed. Now the great news: we published Harvest 2.0 GA on Github just yesterday. For details about this release, see our announcement. Feel free to join our Slack channel or communicate with us on Github.


We worked hard to achieve a highly flexible, open-collector architecture in Harvest 2.0. In the coming months we will add more collectors, plugins and features. It will be a great journey and I hope you share it with us. 




Re: NetApp Harvest 2.0 - now open source


Awesome! Any idea if nabox will be updated? @yannbizeul 


Re: NetApp Harvest 2.0 - now open source


@yannbizeul is probably an old account when I was a partner back in the days 🙂


NAbox will totally be updated, but only with v3. beta5 will include Harvest GA !

Re: NetApp Harvest 2.0 - now open source

Ha, well it wasn't coming up in autocomplete, or maybe I'm an idiot. I should have typed your SSO ID.

Thanks Yann!

Re: NetApp Harvest 2.0 - now open source



great news

but I still miss any documentation what and how is collected. Here is my previous post where I asked those questions. 

harvest counters 

Could you please point me to a relevant doc? I only hope there is any because it looks like there is none.

Thank you very much


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