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NetApp Harvest v1.3 - dashboard not loading




I've created our first  Grafana/Graphite site using the latest versions of Grafana (3.1.1), Graphite (0.9.15) and also NetApp Harvest v1.3. That's running on CentOS 7.


Everything went really smooth, I'm really impressed with the results we're having...!


But I need somehelp with the dashboard "Netapp Detail: 7-Mode LUN". It's the only not not working.


When I click on it, a red message box shows up on the top right corner of the screen with the folowing message:

"Dashboard init failed

Template variables could not be initialized: undefined"



Could you help me finding out what is causing that? 


Thank you,





Re: NetApp Harvest v1.3 - dashboard not loading


Thanks, Chris



The steps you outlined on my original post (on a different thread, that's why I created this one) explained what was going on...!


"Some dashboards have template drop-down boxes that allow a single item to be selected while others allow multi-pick or 'All'.  If you view a dashboard that allows multi-pick or all choosing one of the options, and then use related dashboards to go to another dashboard that does not allow multi-pick or all then indeed the dashboard won't populate correctly.  To resolve on the related dashboard choose from the template items again, or before you use the related dashboards make sure your lists only include a single item in each dropdown."


Thank you for taking the time to respond....!



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