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We just had a filer implementation and our supplier installed the NetApp Management Console. This console provides a dashboard with to modules (I think these are the modules you installed but anyway)

We have a tab Protection and a tab Provisioning. In Protection you can create a data set which holds volumes and shedules and so on which will perform an automated snapmirror and snapvault between 2 or more systems.

It will do everything automatically. So much for the intro, now my questions:

* Is there any Admin guide for this??? Can't find it and the naming is not really straight-forward if you ask me.

* Is there debug logging available because the info given in the application is next to nothing

* we have an issue where the volumes are not getting resized however if we just go to the filer via the CLI a vol size xxx +1x works just fine

                     -> it's a thin provisioned, snapmirrored volume  (s2filera  ----snapmirror-----> s1filerc (volume on this filer won't resize by the software)

                     -> thin provisioning is on (on source vol), auto-grow is off (on source vol), fs_fixed_size is on (on source vol)

Check the screenshot for more info

Thanks for your input


Re: NetApp Management Console


Hi Jan,

     Are you using OCUM 5.1 ? Is this error consistent ? Pls open a case.



Re: NetApp Management Console


Re: NetApp Management Console


For the NMC documentation go here:

Click on the All Documents link for the version of OnCommand that you are using (NMC is a component of OnCommand).  There are 2 main pieces to the Management Console - Performance Advisor and the Provisioning/Protection Manager.  Sounds like you are interested in the latter so just scroll down to the Provisioning & Data Protection entry and you'll find the documentation.

Re: NetApp Management Console


Thanks, this is looking good indeed!

Re: NetApp Management Console


Any success on finding documentation for NetApp Management Console (not for OnCommand Core/Unified Manager)? I'm interesting in configuration and administration guide.

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