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NetApp WFA Server process goes 99% CPU and must be restarted


I have a WFA lab server (W2K8R2, WFA-2.2GA) that has been in use for ~18 months. In the last month it periodically goes haywire (technical term) and I see the VM's CPU go to 200% (dual core) and in Windows Task Manger shows "NetApp WFA Server" at 99% CPU usage. Most of the time I can just restart the WFA services (I restart both DB & Server) but sometimes I have to reboot the whole server system entirely. The timing seems entirely random to me. One evening I setup Performance Manager to watch CPU usage all night and it appeared to occur at "WFA DB Backup" time (~2am) HOWEVER, since then, I've seen it occur at all times of day and usage levels throughtout the day. I've looked for log files in \NetApp\WFA path and I've tried to look at Winows Event Viewer (thou I see nothing WFA specific) to see what it might tell me is occuring.


I've run out of ideas to troubleshoot further (I'm not very MS-Windows savy). Has anyone else seen anything similar or have suggestions to for what to look at when it occurs or log files to look at (and where are the log files)?




I experience sometimes the same issue with 99% CPU used by service process. Chrome is used as client v39.

In some cases that is a faulty http sesssions,  that in certain circonstances leads to the problem.

I just have to close the tab to fix, restarting the service don't help.