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Netapp Harvest and Ontatp 9.7


We are about to upgrade all out kits to Ontap 9.7

As far as getting netapp harvest 1.6 to work with ontap 9.7 is there a doc?

are the steps

1) copy the 9.7 SDK perl libs into /opt//opt/netapp-harvest/lib. ?

2) then copy make a copy of the  cdot-9.6.0.conf  to  cdot-9.7.0.conf

3) restart harvest 


Re: Netapp Harvest and Ontatp 9.7


1. is always a good idea, but usually not a necessary step. There were few occurrences where an upgrade of the SDK was necessary

2. Shouldn't be necessary with recent harvest versions

3. Yes, you need to restart harvest.

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