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Netapp-Harvest only detecting one of three clusters


I have Grafana all up and running displaying results from my first NetApp cluster. The issue is that I have two additional clusters that are missing. I have all three defined the same way in the configuration file and they are all set to the same site. The pollers for all three clusters and OCUM show "running" but I only get the option for the first cluster in the drop-down menu on Grafana. I've read a lot of disucssion posts on this but haven't found anything that fixed my issue.


Re: Netapp-Harvest only detecting one of three clusters


Hi @mwreuter


If a poller is RUNNING that only means that the poller process exists.  If something is preventing collection, like an authentication problem or a firewall is blocking traffic, Harvest will just retry forever hoping it is a temporary issue that gets resolved.  It does however log all those errors to the logfile /opt/netapp-harvest/log/.  I would take a look in there to see if there are any hints to what is going on.  If those logs show no errors then I would check if your Graphite server has enough disk space.  If the disk fills up then new metric files cannot be created and you won't seem them in the Grafana dropdown lists.  Last thing, sometimes Grafana needs a bit of a refresh to build template choices that are nested/dependant on each other.  So also make sure you flip the 1st level (Group) between ALL and a group name and back to see if that perhaps refreshes the next layer to show the clusters you have that are missing.



Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

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Re: Netapp-Harvest only detecting one of three clusters


Thank you for the information. The login was not configured for the second two clusters. Everything is up now.

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