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New Technical Report Released: TR-4621-OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2-Guidelines


OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2 gives you a single installer. Health and performance data are collected into a single unified MySQL database, and health and performance events can be configured from the same interface. Also, you can add user-defined performance alerts from the Unified Manager Alert tab. And you need to maintain only one SSL certificate for connecting to ONTAP clusters.


On a high level, OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2 software consists of the following four main components:


Acquisition unit. Collects and normalizes configuration, capacity, and performance statistics from ONTAP systems and sends each collected information set to the OCIE server.


OCIE server. Writes the collected ONTAP information into the database. Also provides public interfaces to retrieve the data via EJBs (Enterprise JavaBeans) and sends notifications to listening parties when collections have completed.


Unified Manager Health and Performance. These components heuristically monitor and analyze all the capacity, protection, and performance based features of the monitored ONTAP systems and provide the customer with visible events, alerts, and reports.


Unified Manager UI. This component presents a friendly, easy-to-use interface for all the features of OCUM and the ONTAP systems.


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