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No current data is available when looking for disk busy stats on aggregate



I'm attempting to pull the Top Disks by disk_busy chart from performance manager (DFM 5.1) but I'm getting 'No data is currently available for chart "Top Disks by disk_busy"'. I have four aggregates on the controller in question and I can get stats for two aggregates but not the other 2. I've diagnosed connectivity on the controller and all comes back ok:

perfAdvisorEnabled  Passed  

hostType  Passed  

hostRevision  Passed  

hostLogin  Passed  

perfAdvisorTransport  Passed

and I've checked last sample time on the aggregate and it comes back being sampled 20 minutes ago?

Any ideas as to why these stats might be missing or how I can get Performance manager to pick them up?




I know DFM has it under physical or try statit. FY: The first disk in the RG will show much busier than other disks in the RG, according to NetApp this is normal. Output from statit -b, sleep for 2 min, then statis -e

disk         ut%  xfers  ureads--chain-usecs writes--chain-usecs cpreads-chain-usecs greads--chain-usecs gwrites-chain-usecs


0a.16          4   7.340.34   1.00 12000   4.26  10.64   955   2.73   4.63  1135   0.00   .... .   0.00   ...


I believe %ut is what you are looking for.


DFM under physical is where I'm seeing 'no current data available. I'm looking for the line graph from DFM so I can view historical data, I believe statit will only give me current usage


Is this DFM running in 7-Mode or in Cluster Mode ? Can you paste a screenshot of the chart that you are describing ?




Running in 7-Mode. The chart I'm trying to use is under Physical and then select the aggregate. I have 4 aggregates; aggregate 1 and 2 display the chart but 3 and 4 don't. Screenshot attached.


Did you ever find a reason for the lack of stats, I'm seeing the same thing on one of my filers. I've just added disk to this particular aggr so wondered if thats got something to do with it?


Me too... We have a 3140 where it does work, our 3250 has this problem. Both running 8.1.3


You may be hitting known issue of bug 741312 due to a change in the ontap API esp from ONTAP version 8.1.3 and later.

Because of this PA doesn't collect data.



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