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Notifications/reminders not working


When i open  i guess its the system screen for each filer i my notifications/reminders has an error in it. 

"Error:Time daemon is not enabled or the controllers time settings are not in sync with each other"

I have checked the time on the controllers and they match plus i doubled check that they both point to the same ntp server.  Nothing is howing in the logs with an error like this.

Does anyone else have this issue?


Notifications/reminders not working



We were not able to  reproduce this issue on our setup . The steps I had followed was to make sure that both the controllers were pointing to the same NTP server and the error message  was no longer shown.

The dashboard takes about 5 mins to refresh.Could you reconfigure the controller again  to point the same NTP server and refresh the controller tab on SM2.0 to see if the dashboard is reflecting the changes. 

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Notifications/reminders not working


can you try "options timed" on both controllers to ensure they are both configured the same.

Controller> options timed

timed.enable                on

timed.log                     on

timed.max_skew          2m

timed.min_skew           0

timed.proto                  ntp

timed.sched                hourly

timed.servers               ntpserver

timed.window               0s

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Notifications/reminders not working


Thank you.  I ran the command it sure enough my timed.max_skew were set to different values.  I matched the values and now the error message is gone. 

Re: Notifications/reminders not working


I also had the same problem.  I had the same information in options timed but one server was in upper case and the other lower case.  I changed the server name to have matched case and the error went away.  It was either the case issue or the system just hadn't updated yet from when a second NTP was added to one of the filers so they both matched.  

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