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OCI DWH VM Paths report missing rows


Hey everyone,

I'm running OCI & DWH version 7.3.4.

I have a very large environment consisting of multiple huge vcenters with sum of about 23,000~ virtual machines.

When I try to run the predefined report called "VM Paths" I get a list of virtual machines to run on but the list is barely populated, most of the vms are not there (it stops at around the letter C, I assume because of rows limit).

(Just found out it's about 4,000 rows)

Could this be because of some max rows limitation?

I realize running on 23,000~ vms is tough so another option for me would be to run per ESX Cluster of Datacenter and not the whole vm inventory.

If so where can I look to change it?

thanks a lot,





if you shoot me a mail (,  I'll probably be able to help you with this.


Kind regards,