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OCSM 3.1.1 install 7-Mode support


hi folks,


i got a weird problem with ocsm 3.1.1 - i can start ocsm, i can add storage controllers - but when i try to login into the storage controllers i get "7-Mode support is not available. Please install OnCommand System Manager 7 mode support."

well... are there two version of OCSM and i don't see them or this issue originally a diffrent one?


the system where i try to run ocsm has Windows 7 with Java8 on it (yes i know about the java 8 issue and i started with the approperiate command line)

i have this problem with IE11 and with firefox 36


any suggestions?


thanks AJ


Re: OCSM 3.1.1 install 7-Mode support


Can you go to Help > About NetApp OnCommand System Manager, and post the exact version number.



Re: OCSM 3.1.1 install 7-Mode support




Can you let us know which DataONTAP version storage are you trying to add to OCSM?




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Re: OCSM 3.1.1 install 7-Mode support


hi guys,

thanks for your replies - i don't have the exact OCSM version now, since we fixed this problem yesterday by removing java8, ocsm 3.1.1 and installed java7 wirth ocsm 3.1. - so this works again as expected


i'm not sure you need this informations anymore but anyway: ontap is 8.2.1 7-mode on FAS2240


the interesting part was that adding the storagecontroller to ocsm worked fine, but i couldn't login with the error attached to my first post.


thanks anyway

forum works well





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Re: OCSM 3.1.1 install 7-Mode support




Could you please verify the file '<System Manager installation dir>/config/' has the following entry.


7_mode_context=/SysMgr_<System Manager Version>_7mode/ 


And also the folder 'SysMgr_<System Manager Version>_7mode' exist in <System Manager installation dir>/webapps/


Thanks and Regards

Anand Vardham

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