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OCUM 5.2R1 - re-installed, now cannot connect with a remote browser


Env: RHEL 6.4 (actually Centos 6.4 with a modified /etc/redhat-release file

OCUM: 5.2R1


I've been running a lab OCUM 5.2 system, and later 5.2R1, 6-9 months without incident. The DB became corrupt and I went through a process of restoring the RedHat VM back to a virgin state and re-installed OCUM 5.2R1 from scratch. It's back up and I all functionality seems intact and working when I access OCUM/DFM via a local web browser or the local CLI. But I can not point a remote web bowser to the node or IPaddr (http://node:8080/start.html -or- http://node:8080/start.html) . All browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari) just quickly say 'no data returned' or 'server broke the connection' ... very quickly.


Does have any ideas of what to look into? I looked at several log files in /opt/NTAPdfm/log and don't see any hints. access.log shows no remote accesses at all.

PS: WFA is also un-able to acquire from it. It fails after 30-60 seconds with "JZ006: Caught IOException: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect". It also was working fine prior to the re-install



Hi - any update to this? I've just done a fresh install of OCUM 5.2R1 on CentOS 7 VM - and same problem - cannot get the Web login from remote browser. I notice that the system is only listening on port 8080 on IPv6 - which is probably part of the issue:


$ netstat -an | grep 8080
tcp6 0 0 :::8080 :::* LISTEN


Not sure if there's some trick to the /etc/hosts file or other config required to get it to start listening on IPv4...?

Can you check for the firewall status ?
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Forewall was it. I'm not used to Linux having a built-in firewall. I'm not sure how to control it via CLI but on Centos 6.4's GUI it is under System->Firewall. I Disabled it ' ... then also click 'Apply'


Yep - so it is the firewall. In CentOS 7 it's under Sundry -> Firewall. Thanks!


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