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OCUM 6 & VMPlayer


Hi all,

for lab purpose, I would like to install OCUM 6 & OPM on my laptop, which has VMWare player installed.

the OVA import works well, but I seem to have problems with the network configuration, it can only work in DHCP. When I try to setup a static IP, the changes are not commited...

Here are the error messages I see:


Mounting HGFS shares => failed


Previous configuration could not get restored. Giving up

Commit Failed

Is there a way to have it work on VMware player? or it just cannot work with VMware Player?

for information, I left the default parameters in the VM (1 network interface in NAT)

thanks in advance




This issue still exists for OCUM6.1R1, which I have just installed to run under VMware Workstation. A workaround has been posted here: http://ybontap.tynsoe.org/wordpress/network-va-fusion/ ...thanks YB.


If you're unfamiliar with vi, you can use the /string to find the required section of the vmware-tools.


Hi Yweisser,

>for lab purpose, I would like to install OCUM 6 & OPM on my laptop, which has VMWare player installed.

On VMWare player , deploying OCUM6.1/OPM1.0 would result in an unsupported configuration

and i believe the VMplayer's vmware tools cause HGFS(host guest file system) failures.

OCUM6.1/OPM1.0 are supported only on VMWare ESX server.

We would recommend deploying OCUM6/OPM1.0 on ESX servers only.

Please refer to IMT matrix for supported configurations (http://mysupport.netapp.com/matrix)


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