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OCUM 6 run scripts for an alarm



With OCUM 5 it was possible l to set up alarms and run scripts / cmd on the local oncommand server.

dfm alarm show:

here some examples:

Event Name       cfo-this-filer:takeover
Script Name      /sodacc/scripts/dfm_css

User Script Runs As  sodacc

Alarm            25
Group            VMware Volume Storage All
Event Severity   All
Event Name       aggregate-almost-full
Script Name      /sodacc/scripts/aggr_full

User Script Runs As  sodacc

This is very important for my customer. They trigger an external ticketing system und run a big process to involeve the right persons. Or do da SSH to another server- E.G cluster has a failover or critical events.

I think only email and the portal is not sufficent for an enterprise customer. Is this already possible or this on the roadmap.

Best wishes,






since 6.3 scripts are supported. Also checked the documetation. Can somebody provide an example script to see how it works?

Best wishes,




Hi Markus,

     Currently OCUM 6.0 doesn't have this feature.

For roadmap questions I suggest you contact the product manager or your account team.



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Yes, the "dfm run cmd" is an important feature for us too.   We use it extensively to make changes across all of our filers.  It saves us a lot of time and greatly increases productivity when we have to make changes.  Very powerful when used with a simple Bash script.  Very disappointing to see that it has gone away in OCUM 6!

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