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OCUM 7.1 and 7.2 custom reports differing in appearance


Hey all, just wondering if anyone has ran into this and has a solution.  I'm creating a report in BIRT and it imports just fine and appears like in BIRT in the OCUM UI.  My issue is that it doesn't appear the same when I try to send the output in a scheduled report to email.  


I'm trying to get 2 portions of a report on seperate excel tabs/sheets..  In BIRT it exports to and excel file just fine in the report designer, in the OCUM UI the 2nd portion comes up on a seperate page, but when I put it in a schedule the emailed excel sheet has everything on one sheet/tab.  This happens in OCUM 7.1 and 7.2




Also, on a side note.   I'm having issues with custom reports importing just fine into OCUM and then I adjust the appearance in OCUM (like create a group or aggregate in a column) and save it as a customized report.  It fails to email the customized report.. ... Any takers on that?





Have you referred to the following technical report which covers creating custom reports and importing them.





Yep, that's how I got started.  I've noticed this issue with custom reports since about 6.3.  RPTDESIGN file imports just fine and looks good in the UI.  Exporting the contents is a mixed bag as to what gets formatted or not.  Then you try to email an xls or xlsx file and it seems to remove all formating.

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