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OCUM 7.1P1 Backup Failing


I have just provissioned a new instance of OCUM, but the backup job is failing with the following error:


"Trigger Condition - Daily database backup 'UM_7.1P1_backup_unix_04-05-2017-15-05.7z' creation failed. Reason: Copying a file or directory is failed due to a file system error."


The path for the backup is the defaule /data/ocum-backup/, the file system has 51G free, and jboss:jboss has full permissions to the directory.  Has anyone else run into this issue or know how to work around it?


Re: OCUM 7.1P1 Backup Failing




I had the same problem with 7.1, please check the ownership of the following file:




permission should be jboss:root.



Restart the processes if you changed it.

Re: OCUM 7.1P1 Backup Failing


I have the exact same issue with OCUM 7.2P1. I've deployed OCUM using the OVA, running on VMware vSphere.


Is there any way to access the filesystem on the virtual appliance to view the permissions on the backup directory?

Re: OCUM 7.1P1 Backup Failing


I worked out how to enable the diag user and got into the OCUM Virtual Appliance.


I've checked out the /opt/netapp/essentials/rp/security/ directory and it is empty on this instance of OCUM, so not sure what else to check.

Re: OCUM 7.1P1 Backup Failing


In my ocum-error.log I get these entries at 6pm every day:


2017-11-06 18:00:15,309 ERROR [oncommand] [taskScheduler-3] [Backup|ScheduleBackup] [c.n.d.impl.backup.BackupProperties] Error occurred while copying files inside temporary directory in Backup path
2017-11-06 18:00:15,405 ERROR [oncommand] [taskScheduler-3] [Backup|ScheduleBackup] [c.n.d.impl.backup.BackupScheduleJob] Error while creating the backup


I'm struggling with trying to troubleshoot this one.

Re: OCUM 7.1P1 Backup Failing





I hope your issue is resolved by now. Just in case you need more information, your issue seems to be a permission error.


You have not mentioned the platform you use, but I suspect its a vApp. Please perform the following:


  1. Go into the diag console mode
  2. The permissions on the file "/data/ocie/server.keystore" should be set to - jboss:root
    • Check the permissions on the file, use the following command:

      ls -al  /data/ocie/server.keystore

    • If its not jboss:root, change the permissions using the following command:

chown jboss:root /data/ocie/server.keystore



Hope this should resolve your issue. 





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