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OCUM 7.2P1 Custom Reports Time Range Issue


I would like to set up a monthly Data Protection Report using the Volume Transfer Status (Historical) to show all data transfers for the last 30 days.  I can't seem to locate a formual to do this.  The built-in parameters all seem to want a date selected in the TO and FROM.  I would like to automate this into a schedule.  I can run them manually by selecting the to and from date but cannot seem to locate a formula to pull in the last 30 days automatically.



Hi Sean,


On a +ve note, I observe that if you save this customized canned report(which lists only the last 30 days of xfer statistics) as a OCUM 'custom report', it retains this characteristic (filter setting) whenever you run it later.


If you've attached a say weekly schedule to this custom report, you'd have to manually alter the custom report from-time each time and unfortunately I see no facility to automate this here.

OCUM uses Actuate BIRT reporting engine at backend to provide this facility and this is a limitation from BIRT looks like.








Correct,  The time range parameters allow for "between" "in" "not in" "greater than or equal to" "less than or equal to" etc.  But you must select an actual date in the field and cannot create somthing like "in" "last 30 days"   I was hoping I was missing something.  If this is an Actuate limitation then this is a terrible tool to integrate into OCUM for reporting.  Having to generate a report manually every month to extract metrics data makes the reporting useless.  Automation and a set and forget is something I would expect a company like Netapp to be able to integrate into their products.  A huge disappointment.