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OCUM 7.3 Custom Report volume transfer with historical


The Report "Volume Transfer Status (Historical)" ... seems to just collect all historical data but I would like to change it to only contain one week volume transfer.
Anyone who have done this or can explain how to change this ? 


Re: OCUM 7.3 Custom Report volume transfer with historical


I am not sure if you still need this info.

There was a thread going on about this, and a workaround was suggested.


The workaround was to change certain config that currently allows Unified Manager to store 390 days of data, once that config is changed the Unified Manager server has to be restarted. If you are aware of this, pls try that with caution, as the suggested workaround applies to entire data retention policy of Unified manager database, and not only to a specific table related to snapmirror transfer history.


Excuse me for not posting the workaround here.




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