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OCUM 9.4 max supported cluster nodes




I didn't find the maximun amount of nodes supported on one instance of OCUM 9.4.


I found the info in the documentation of OCUM 7.1 : "A single instance of Unified Manager can support a maximum of 48 nodes"


Do you know if the maximun nodes supported has been raised on OCUM 9.4 ?


Re: OCUM 9.4 max supported cluster nodes


Hi PierreC,


unfortunately there is no clear sizing guidance available that I know of.

OCUM scales pretty well, depending on the CPU and memory resources available to the server or VM.


E.g. I just talked to a customer running OCUM 7.3P1 that has 180 nodes (not a typo) being monitored by a single OCUM server.


In the end it's the overall number of objects in the DB that counts, not an individual number of clusters or nodes.


Sorry that I can't be more specific, but it should give you confidence to be able to add >48 nodes to a single OCUM instance.



Kind regards, Niels



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